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Nishikigoi Buying Trip in Niigata

Matsuda Koi Farm arranges "Nishikigoi Buying Trip" to Nagaoka, Yamakoshi, Ojiya and Kawaguchi etc. in Niigata throughout the year. We will travel and visit breeders and assist in the negotiation process. We have built up a good relationship with the breeders , and in this way we can get the best prices and quality you are looking for.

Koi Ponds of Yamakoshi

Picking Up Koi

We will arrange the hotel, transportation by car and the fish to be shipped to the destination of your choice.

Koi Buying Trip


Please contact us with your requirements. We hope to see you in Niigata soon!
If you are interested in our buying trip, please contact us by e-mail. info@koikoimatsuda.jp

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