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With a tradition of more than 100-years in “Nishikigoi”farming, we had so far enjoyed in supplying our Specials to many Nishikigoi-lovers through our persistent efforts for the breed improvement. The terrible 2004-earthquake, however, flattened all our farming facilities and endangered our industry. Now, we feel proud to announce our rebirth, with new power and tradition! Here in post-quake Yamakoshi, many new born Nishikigoi are lively and wonderfully swimming as if drawing a picture on a blank canvas. Just look at our “Matsuda Koi Farm”: we are back and happy to provide you with detailed information about every Nishikigoi from Yamakoshi, Niigata, Japan.

You can receive the best choices of Nishikigoi exclusively selected for you out of Tosai 30,000 and 2-years old 10,000 koi fish.

Adorable and beautiful Japanese Nishikigoi like Kohaku, Sanke, Showa, etc. are waiting for you, yes !

Too many to be introduced just by pictures. Matsuda Koi Farm can offer the biggest alternatives in Japan to suit any of your needs.

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Recently Added Koi Fish

  • Shiro Bekko

    Shiro Bekko


  • Platinum



  • Ginrin Kohaku

    Ginrin Kohaku


  • Showa



  • Yamabuki Ogon

    Yamabuki Ogon


  • Beni Kikokuryu

    Beni Kikokuryu


  • Ginrin Goshiki

    Ginrin Goshiki


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2016/01/01(Fri)InformationThe latest stock list of 2016 is available now! "Nishikigoi for Sale"

2016/01/01(Fri)InformationWe are introduced on a travel promotion website, IS JAPAN COOL? which is provided by ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS. Check it out!

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Nishikigoi Shopping Process

Choose your nishikigoi fish, and send us an inquiry/order by e-mail.

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We check the inventory.

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We send you a quotation including koi fish shipping charges and other expenses.

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Send your payment. T/T in advance.

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After we have a confirmation of your payment, we shipping schedule and book a flight.
(At least 7 days for koi's non-feeding time is needed.)

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We send you export-related documents of nishikigoi.
(Invoice, Packing list, Price list, Health certificate, AWB etc.)

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We ship the nishikigoi.

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And you receive the nishikigoi at airport!

※We have stock list for 2015/2016 Winter.

Please check our koi fish list and contact us.

Buying Trip

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Nishikigoi Catalog

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Countries We've Shipped Koi Fish

United States of America, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Austria, Netherlands, Canada, Cambodia, Singapore, Switzerland, Slovakia, Thailand, Denmark, Philippines, France, Brunei, Vietnam, Malaysia, South Korea, China and many more!

Please don't hesitate to contact us! Through e-mail or our social media, we are always happy to hear from you. Or to be familiar with us, visit Japan and see our koi farm!

Koi Breed Variety

Kohaku, Sanke, Showa, Tancho, Shiroutsuri, Hiutsuri, Asagi, Akamatsuba, Shusui, Kikusui, Aigoromo, Budogoromo, Kumonryu, Benikumonryu, Chagoi, Soragoi, Yamabuki Ogon, Platinum and many more!

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