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Quality Nishikigoi from Niigata to all Koi-Lovers around the World.

Introduction, “Matsuda Koi Farm”

We, Matsuda Koi Farm, has rearing facilities in 3 different places and also many natural nishikigoi ponds in mountain area.

One is in Mushigame, Yamakoshi where is famous for the birth place of Nishikigoi.

This place is rich in nature and heavy snowfall in winter.

This environment makes good quality nishikigoi fish.

The others Yokomakura house and Settaya house both located in Nagaoka city area.

This place have a good access to transportaion.

We ship our nishikigoi from here every day.

Sorting nishikigoi Picking nishikigoi up
Tosai Picking nishikigoi up
2sai We send nishikigoi to all over the world.


Access to Matsuda Koi Farm (Yokomakura House)

Just drive on Nagaoka-Higashi Bypass of National Highway No.17 to the Yokomakura-intersection .

Turn right at Yokomakura-intersection in direction of Ojiya from Nagaoka, and there you can see our farms. Please proceed for another 300m and turn right to get in.

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Approaches to KHV

In our “Matsuda Koi Farm”, an independent filtration device is installed on every farm to prevent infection control of KHV, to minimize damage, just in case infection occurred.

Matsuda Koi FarmOn November 14, 2017, it was judged as “KHV Negative” in the PCR inspection carried out by Japan Fisheries Resource Conservation Association.

Results of KHV-inspection

Business Day & Business Hour

7days a week / AM9:00 - PM5:00

We are open every day of the week.
Inquiry by e-mail is taken 24 hours a day.

Contact Matsuda Koi Farm Contact Matsuda Koi Farm


Koi Farm Introduction

Mushigame Area

Mushigame House

Mainly our koi fish are raised and grown-up here.
There are mud koi poonds and facility for winter season.

Address: 1035 Mushigame, Yamakoshi, Nagaoka, Niigata 947-0205 Japan

Yokomakura House / Nagaoka Area

Yokomakura Koi House

At Yokomakura, Nagaoka, which is about 10km away from Mushigame area, we got our small office and 2 green houses.
Come and visit us here!

Address: 245-1 Yokomakura, Nagaoka, Niigata 940-1117 Japan

Settaya House / Nagaoka Area

Settaya House

It's only a few minutes drive from Yokomakura house. This is the newest facility, built in 2011.

Address: 1463-1 Settaya, Nagaoka, Niigata 940-1104 Japan

We Matsuda carp raising ground staff manages the colored carp by young power and a traditional method.

We have many kinds of koi carp in order to meet the demand of koi carp lovers.

Please drop in by all means if come near.

Koi Ponds in Yamakoshi

Koi Ponds in Yamakoshi

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