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Special Select Koi Preserve Unit Mix -Newly Updated on May 2017-

※Please contact us by e-mail for price and more detail.

※If you are looking for a specific koi, please take a look at the individual koi list on our Japanese web page. (How do I read Japanese koi list?)

※The shipping cost will be charged separately.

※The picture below is only a sample. The variety assortment of any mix depends on the stock..

Mixed Koi

Mini Mix(Tosai, 2sai)

Mini Mix

Size: 12-15cm±
Price: Email to

Variety Mix(Tosai, 2sai)

Variety Mix

Size: 15-25cm±
Pricei: Email to

Medium Mix(2sai)

Medium Mix

Size: 25-35cm±
Price: Email to

We have more and more koi not included in the stock list. If you are looking for any varieties, size, and age etc., please contact Matsuda Koi Farm.

An Example of Shipping Charge (Japanese Yen)

For example to INDONESIA (600 Fishes)

A. The number of Koi per box: Possible to pack 60pcs per box (15cm+- size koi)

B. Packed Weight : 20kgs per box

C. Freightage Quotation for 10-packs:

General Conditions:

1. Commodity: “NISHIKIGOI”

2. Quantity: 10-CTNS

3. Total weight: 200kgs/10-CTNS

4. Port of departure: Niigata airport (Niigata)

5. Port of arrival: Jakarta airport

6. Quotation terms: C&F JAKARTA

7. S. charge: Please refer to the below-mentioned just for your reference.


7-2: AIR FREIGHTAGE PER KG @530X200: \106,000.-

7-3: FUEL SURCHARGE PER KG @68X200: \13,600.-

7-4: WAREHOUSE/KG @20X200: \4,000.-

7-5: TRANSPORTATION FEE (2t of chartered truck from Nagaoka to Niigata airport): \23,000.-

7-6: FORWADING AGENT FEE: \10,000.-

7-7: AIRWAY BILL FEE: \200.-

7-8: CONSUMPTION TAX (No.5+6+7*8%): 2,656JPY

Eestimated Shipping charge: \165,356.-JPY subject to change

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