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We welcome Your Mail Order. Please advise us of your requests as to Koi variety, size, and budget. You will receive our special plan for you with the best condition Nishikigoi in stock.

Fill out your name, country, address, phone number, and your inquiry,
please send email to

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Question & Answer

Q1.How should I pay ?

Pay in advance by bank remittance.
Please note that you are kindly requested to bear any bank remittance charges incurred.

Q2.Received the Koi, but it was dead. What should I do ?

Email us immediately.

We pay our utmost care for delivery, but in such cases, please send pictures of the Koi. Upon our confirmation of the death, we will send an equivalent Koi immediately.

Q3.Can you supply only the Koi listed here ?

No, please ask us for any kind of Koi you are interested in, just not only ours. We will be pleased to provide you with any information you need. Even if an immediate offer is not available, you are sure to receive our reply without fail.


Q4.When we make an inquiry with you, should we purchase by all means ?

No, no, your inquiry is free of charge, because your inquiry does not mean an order.

Please browse our pages first, and contact us if you are interested.
Of course, any other questions about Nishikigoi even if not related with our pages are also welcome.

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